Save The Planet & Money While You Travel

By: Jordan Butcher

Have you ever thought about traveling the world? What about saving the planet? What if you could do both?

Last week, I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled upon a video about a company called Earthwatch. Basically you can visit just about any country with a scientist (or a few) to help them with their research. In return, you get to travel with them to different countries inexpensively.

The trips cost between $750 to $5,775, which may seem a little overwhelming, but most of these trips are all inclusive and can be anywhere from 4 to 14 days.

Instead of booking that trip to Italy just for the wine, cheese, and mouth-watering pizza, you could have all of the above as well as help archeologists excavate ancient ruins overlooking the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

If you are interested in helping these scientists save the planet, you can aid in research through categories such as: archaeology & culture, climate change, ocean health, or wildlife & ecosystems.

You can help Dr. Peters study pollinators (bees and hummingbirds) for 7 days in Costa Rica, spend 14 days in Kenya with Dr. Schulte helping the farmers conserve elephants’ habitats, or even help Dr. Samarra for 12 days in Iceland by studying the feeding behavior of killer whales.

When you’re not saving the world one bee or elephant or even killer whale at a time, you can immerse yourself in the culture however you see fit.

Of course I don’t know everything about this company, but from the research I pulled together, it seems pretty legit! It’s definitely worth a few clicks to get some more information.


Save the whales!


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